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Drivhuset is a non-for-profit organisation, with the mission to foster entrepreneurship amongst young people. At Drivhuset we work with helping students and young people to develop their ideas into businesses, and increase creative and innovative thinking and processes to develop the skill of entrepreneurship.

Drivhuset Sverige is an economic association with fourteen members, from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south. Drivhuset Sverige is the umbrella organization for the local Drivhuset, creating a stronger organization with a local presence.

We offer three main services: guidance, education and business development. Guidance, is a free of charge and confidential one-to-one meeting, whereby we sit down to discuss the idea you have. Anyone can come to Drivhuset for guidance, with any kinds of questions. We can help you by guiding you in developing your idea further, and we can assist with contacts with other actors within the innovation system that we think could be of hand to you. We have a large network, whereby we collaborate with different already established entrepreneurs and companies. At Drivhuset your idea will never be judged, instead we will help you to develop it to make it as successful as possible. The second service we offer is education, whereby we educate in entrepreneurship and innovation by hosting idea workshops, inspirational lectures, courses within basic accounting and seminars about how to start a company. The third service is business development, whereby we teach in LOOPA, our own validated business model that are based in research. Our way of teaching both in lectures and at one-to-one meetings is to provide you with the right tools to get you to try your idea in different steps depending on where in the process you are. In this way, we can for example assist you with finding customer value, help you with packaging the product or service in the right way, positioning you strongly in the market, and help you to develop a clear pitch for your business.




1.     Regina Singer

2.     Taylor Rubens-Augustson  

3.     Annabell Kantner

4.     Elodie Paquette

5.     Yusuf Ari Mashuri

6.     Bharati Chandran

7.     Victoria jerwanska

8.     Miriam Sünder

9.     Joshua Eben Schneider

10.  Tereza Vitcheva

11.  Kinza Degerlund Maldi

12.  Georgia Åstrand-Ferris

13.  Sicily Mburu

14.  Min Hye Park

15.  Rufaro Charlene Mahachi

16.  Felipe Pacheco

17.  Angelica Lindblad

18.  Maria Persson

19.  Emily Davidson

20.  Elin Andersson

21.  Thapelo Mabale

22.  Paulina Lindstedt

23.  Khushboo Jagiasi

24.  Ayza Teng

25.  Julia Selea

26.  Mihaela Burlac

27.  Dilana López Borbon

28.  Neli Tsereteli

29.  Bushra Yeasmin Esha

30.  Ina Siby

31.  Derrick Sikaulu

32.  Amalia Wärn

33.  Yolanda María Sánchez Castro

34.  Leona Lindberg

35.  Mai-Ly Khan

36.  Peter Kibe

37.  Jennifer Andersson

38.  Louise Lindström

39.  Christina von Tell

40.  Veronica Lilja

41.  Sai San Moon Lu

42.  Lisa Rundstedt

43.  Joana Lopes

44.  Souaad Chemali

45.  Saima Reza

46.  Chaitra Srinivas

47.  Ismael Ibarra Nava

48.  Alexis Luis

49.  Chen Chu Suyo (Alice)

50.  Fia-Lotta Pipping

51.  Rebecka Lundstedt

52.  Henna Halonen

53.  Shimoni Sinha

54.  Samip Thapaliya

55.  Thea Liljeroo

56.     Yasin Ahmed

57.     Cintia Vimieiro  

58.     George Mkoma

59.     Ayman Issa

60.     Kristin Omarsdottir

61.     Chu Chen

62.     Carolina Carranza

63.     Mercy Muriuki

64.     Hesham Fouad Shaltout

65.     Constance Takawira

66.     Sarah Osman

67.     Tinas Nehmtallah

68.     Laila Mehkri

69.     Dr Abdul kabir chowdhury

70.     Kyaw Zay Ya

71.     Daniel Esteban Coral Candelo

72.     Irene Blomqvist

73.     Janina Kostiukaite

74.     Hay Mar Wai

75.     Giulia Marras

76.     Greta Bütepage

77.     Linnea Luckhaus

78.     Athanasios Andriopoulos

79.     Lan Vu

80.     Emma Drake

81.     Liliana Ramirez Cardona

82.     Katharina Dihm

83.     Emily Scott

84.     Walla Osman

85.     Michael Ndirangu

86.     Stine Randeris

87.     Aung Paing Soe

88.     Olivi Ondchintia Putilala Silalahi

89.     Momota Hena

90.     Amal Mohamed

91.     Khalda Abuelgasim

92.     Amelia Lundkvist

93.     Mohammad Shoriful Islam

94.     John Karlsson

95.     Clara Lindberg

96.     Laura Staskute

97.     Kelsi Smith

98.     Louise Ehrenberg

99.     Gustav Vikander

100.  Sanna Edwin

101.  Htoo Kyaw Lynn

102.  Catarina Cardoso Rodrigues Bonifacio Vitor

103.  Lei Jobe

104.  Madison Ford

105.  Salma Kikhia

106.  Asim Sarker

107.  Pernilla Koskela

108.  Ramya Krishna Kurra

109.  Johan Ekland