Welcome to Uppsala

As Sweden's fourth largest city, Uppsala has a lot to offer. With a mixture of countryside landscape and a busy city center, Uppsala combines historic locations and modern life. 

An old viking capital

Ever visited the pagan capital of Sweden and the viking burial grounds? Here's your opportunity! 

In Gamla Uppsala you can see the royal burial mounds and museum for 2,000-year-old pagan kings, Norse gods and golden temples. Don't miss the  Gamla Uppsala Museum, one of Scandinavia's most noteworthy cultural environments, where you can learn more about the centuries-old myths surrounding the area. Exhibits include unique and original finds from the royal mounds, which have long served as a symbol of a magnificent past.

Gamla Uppsala
Linnaeus Museum

The home of famous scholars

After being the center of pagan Sweden, Uppsala moved on to found the first university in the Scandinavian Region in 1477. Uppsala University has been home to many world-famous scholars, not least Anders Celsius, whose degree scale we use every day. A striking museum showcases the universities collection from the last 500 years - from mumies to an anatomical  auditorium.  

Uppsala is also the city of Carl Linnaeus, one of the most important scientists ever, who was professor of medicine at Uppsala University in the 18th century. You can visit the Linnaeus Museum and Linnaeus Garden to get to know the great man better.

A lively university city

A old tradition still upheld today, the nations represent each region of Sweden and have their own bars, clubs, restaurants, bands and interest groups and are the backbone of Uppsala's vibrant student life.

The Uplands nation Lucia gasque 2016

Join us in Uppsala for the SNIH Conference 2017!