Previous boards

Board of 2016

Hedi Katre Kriit

Country: Estonia
University: Umeå University
Master Program: Public Health, Economics
Vision for SNIH: Strengthen the relationship with students, universities and make new contact with future employees to act as an active networking platform.
Goal for SNIH: Start an active member list and recruitment of members.

Tsang Ka Chun (Daniel)

Country: Hong Kong SAR, China
University: Umeå Univeristy
Master Program: MSPH
Background: Nursing
Vision: Better health equity
Goal for SNIH: To connect public health and international health students from different schools in Sweden by sharing their motivations, research projects and experience

Jennifer (Jenni) Lees

Country: Scotland/Spain
University: Karolinska Institutet
Master Program: Public Health: Epidemiology
Background: Psychology
Personal Vision: To be a part of the solution to the growing mental health issues faced especially in adolescence and young adulthood.
Goal for SNIH: To be a leading player in international and public health for students, to give students a voice at the table.

Laura Smith
Alumni Coordinator & GHMe Liaison Officer
Country: The Netherlands/United Kingdom
University: Karolinska Institutet
Master Program: Alumni of Public Health Sciences (Health Economics, Policy and Management)
Background: Law and Economics
Vision: To facilitate and strengthen the knowledge exchange and interaction between students and professionals.
Jordi Borrell Piqué

Country: Spain
University: University of Gothenburg
Master Program: Public Health Science with Health Economics
Background: BSc in Nursing. MSc in Nursing Sciences. PGCert in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.
Vision: A world where students, professionals and other political factors works together to eradicate health inequities and to assure health access for everyone.

Sara Ohlsson
Social Media Coordinator

With a background as a nurse at the Neonatal care intensive unit, Sara’s passion is all about the little ones.

She is currently conducting her first year at the Master’s programme in International health at Uppsala University, with Women’s and Children’s health as her main focus.

As a student Sara always has been involved in her fellow student’s rights. When up on reading her bachelor in Stockholm she spent almost all her free time at the Student union, where she worked as a treasurer for 1,5 years. She were also the one responsible for welcoming new exchange students.

When she is not fixed in front of a computer screen, posting things for SNIH at their Facebook page, you’re most likely to find her at the salsa dancefloor, as this is another great passion of hers.

Jacqueline Kisakye
Newsletter Coordinator

Country: Uganda/Canada
University: Lund University
Master Program: Public Health
Background: Social Work (community health worker)
Personal Vision: To have strong, sustainable and equitable health systems worldwide, despite GNP.
Goal for SNIH: To make the Newsletter a truly representative platform for PH/IH students of SNIH member universities to share their ideas on pressing global health issues.

Agatha Wise
General Board Member

Country: the Netherlands
University: Lund University
Master Program: Public Health
Background: Physical therapy, History and European Studies
Personal vision: conducting research in the area of physical disabilities and rehabilitation.
Goal for SNIH: to connect students with their future employers, research and PhD positions – enhance collaboration between universities.

Charlotte Trimmer
Board Member and Newsletter Contributor

Country: UK
University: Uppsala University
Master’s Programme: International Health
Background: Biological Sciences BSc. with specialism in microbiology from the University of Leeds
Personal Vision: To be involved in improving knowledge on sexual and mental health-related issues
Goal for SNIH: For the organisation to continue to grow and connect students and professionals across the board of global health.

Lisa Maroc
Public Relations Coordinator

Country: Germany
University: Gothenburg University
Master Program: Master of Public Health with specialization in Health Economics

Board of 2015

Sofia Murad

Country: USA/ Sweden
University: Karolinska Institute
Master Program:  MPH Public Health: Epidemiology

Katherine Dunlop

Country: United Kingdom
University: Uppsala University
Master Program: MSc International Health

Wossenseged Birhane Jemberie

Country: Ethiopia
University: Umeå University
Master Program: MPH Public Health

Maria del Pilar Murillo Angarita

Country: Colombia
University: Umeå University
Master Program: MPH Public Health

Markus Hultstrand

Country: Sweden
University: University of Gothenburg
Master Program: MPH Public Health

Madeleine Borgh
Social Media Coordinator
Country: Sweden University: Lund University Master Programme:MPH Public Health
Simone Mohrs
PR Coordinator and GHMe Liaison Officer

Country: Germany
University: Uppsala university
Master Program: International Health

Suvi Karuranga
General Board Member

Country: Finland
University: Lund University
Master Program:  MPH Public Health

Jad Shedrawy
General Board Member

Country: Lebanon
University: Karolinska Institute
Master’s Programme: Global Health