Global Health Mentorships


Global Health Mentorship program

Together with our partner Global Health Next Generation Network, SNIH is organizing a new type of mentorship program, called Global Health Me (GHMe). GHMe is a global, group-based mentorship program connecting Students and Young Professionals (SYPs) with experienced professionals from different fields within Global Health. Over a period of 5 months (August – December) you will get the chance to connect with experts within and beyond your field of interest, learn from seniors and leaders on the field and get career advice from mentors who have been in your position and know what it’s like starting a career in global health.

The program is not only designed for SYPs who are interested in a career in global health and are trying to navigate the field to find their strengths and interests, but also for mentors, who wish to contribute to shaping and guiding the next generation of global health professionals.

Join the program and expand your learning in global health issues, using small mentor groups guided by senior public health experts from across the world!

If you want to know more please visit the GHMe website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.