Board vacancies for 2018

!OBS! The positions of chair and vice-chair must be from the hosting city, ie Gothenburg for 2018, and the PR manager should ideally be from Stockholm - or Uppsala, but please be aware regular travel to Stockholm will be required.

The other positions go to the other five universities (two per uni).

There will be a hand-over meeting in Gothenburg on the 10th of February to which all new and old board members are invited.

Application: Send CV and cover letter to
Deadline: 28th December 2017
Description ( click on positions for more details):
All board members should take measures to ensure transparency and accountability to Network's members at all times.
§ Representing SNIH within their university and degree programme.
§ Recruiting and engaging network members.
§ Participating in board meetings and working groups.
§ Regularly reporting working group updates to chair.
§ Supporting the chair in organisation of SNIH events.
§ Assisting at SNIH events.
§ Assisting treasurer with funding and sponsorship applications.
All board members must be resourceful, flexible, take initiative, have time available and work well both independently and in a team.


Summary: The chair is responsible for everyone else and must provide oversight and coordination along with the vice-chair. The chair will also take on responsibilities for the conference logistics due to being onsite. Main qualities required: time management, planning, diplomacy
From statutes:
Responsible for the following:
§ Represent the network at both internal & external events and meetings.
§ Arranging annual gatherings of board and network.
§ Arranging and chairing regular board meetings.
§ Reviewing and amending agenda prior to board meetings.

§ Drafting and updating official documents.
§ Managing and supporting working groups.
§ Responding to relevant emails pertaining to chair specific responsibilities.


Summary: The vice-chair assists the chair in his/her responsibilities and steps in for the chair in case of absence. Main tasks include coordination and conference related tasks ( logistics, planning, providers..). 
Desired skills: communication (including writing), project management

From statutes:

  • Responsible for the following:
  • Representing the network at both internal & external events and meetings.
  • Representing the chair when they are not present.
  • Supporting chair in their responsibilities within the board and network.
  • Reviewing and amending agenda prior to board meetings.
  • Drafting and updating official documents.
  • Responding to relevant emails pertaining to vice-chair specific responsibilities.

Summary: The secretary organizes board meetings and keeps records of all the organization meetings and other documents. The secretary works closely with the chair, vice-chair and treasurer to ensure the organization is running smoothly.
Key qualities: time management, rigour, attention to detail, organisation and rapid notetaking

From statutes:

  •  Responsible for the following:
  • Preparing and disseminating official documents.
  • Preparing and printing information for official SNIH events.
  • Organising archives (Google Drive).
  • Creating and distributing board meeting agendas in a timely manner.
  • Creating and distributing board meeting minutes within three days of board meeting.
  • Standardisation of agenda and minutes through creating templates.

Summary: The treasurer is responsible for making ( and keeping! ) budgets, and other financial (and legal, with the chair) aspects of the organisation.
Necessary: Swedish ID number ( personummer ) for access to the bank account
Desired skills: A head for numbers, experience with budgets, attention to detail. Ideally the treasurer will have some knowledge of Swedish and be physically in Sweden during his or her mandate.

From the statutes:

  •  Responsible for the following:
  • Monitoring and managing finances.
  • Drafting necessary annual budget reports (if applicable).
  • Delivering brief budget report at board meetings.
  • Implementing budget decisions made during board meetings.
  • Leading and managing fundraising and sponsorship working groups.
Social media coordinator

Summary: The social media coordinator is responsible for creating, scheduling and publishing engaging content relevant to the SNIH audience and partners such as public health opportunities, breakthroughs or SNIH activities as well as providing other communications support to the team.
Skills: communication, social media, resourceful, curious and with a finger on the pulse of public health social media

From statutes:
 Responsible for the following:

  • Managing and updating the Network communication channels Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Drafting and proof-reading of communication material
  • Assists Newsletter coordinator in disseminating newsletter
  • Providing updates of communications at board meetings
  • Developing and disseminating social media campaigns
  • Informing SNIH members of SNIH activities
PR manager

Summary: The PR manager is responsible to the SNIH "brand" and communications with the public and partners. The PR manager helps develop communication materials and establishes and strengthens relationships with other organisations and companies including coordinating SNIH presence at relevant events and identifying/contacting speakers for the annual conference.

Additionally to the standard PR activities, the PR manager is the SNIH liaison person for SIGHT ( Swedish Institute for Global Health Transformation) which will involve monthly meetings in Stockholm.
Skills: Excellent English, Swedish is a plus, outgoing, professional, proactive

This is a very time consuming role and the applicant has to be ready to make her/himself available and invest a lot in this role.

From the statutes:

Responsible for the following:

  • Establishing contact with relevant public and international health organisations with the intention of creating partnership and/or sponsorship
  • Maintaining and updating contact information of partner/sponsor organisations.
  • Updating partner/sponsor organisations on SNIH events and developments.
  • If possible, attending relevant meetings of partner/sponsor organisations.
  • Delivering brief PR report at board meetings.
  • Monitoring and email account and forwarding emails to relevant board members when necessary in collaboration with chair holders and Social media Coordinator.
Newsletter coordinator

Summary: Responsible for the planning and online publication of the monthly newsletter, including putting together and coordinating an editorial  team each month.
Skills: Communication, creative, management, computer/IT skills

From statutes:
Responsible for the following:

  • Set the strategic plan for newsletter for the service year
  • Recruit a team of writers and editors (attempt to include as many member universities as possible)
  • Publish the newsletter online on the first working day of each month and also send it to all subscribers
  • Ensure that all articles follow a specific guideline so as to ensure quality
  • Have a downloadable PDF archive available online for all issues
  • Work with communications coordinator to ensure topics discussed in media pages (fb, twitter and linkedin) match with newsletter themes
  • Check and emails atleast once a week
Alumni coordinator

Summary: The alumni coordinator liaises with graduates of SNIH constituent programs to keep them engaged in SNIH activities and make a bridge between the professional world and current students.
Skills: Written English, proactive, professional
From the statutes:
Responsible for the following:

  • Strengthening alumni involvement by
  • Sending out a bi-annual alumni newsletter
  • Sending out a congratulations email upon graduation
  • Recruiting alumni as keynote speakers, workshop leaders and discussion panelist
  • Maintain contact with alumni and alumni coordinators of involved universities and update contact information
  • Work with communications coordinator to ensure alumni reach out (fb, twitter and linkedin)
  • Check emails at least once a week
Global Health Mentorship (GHMe) liaison officer

Summary: The GHMe liaison officer occupies a position within GHMe so in effect is juggling to two board position of different organisations and reporting back between both.
Skills: time, commitment, interpersonal skills and organisation
From the statutes:
Responsible for the following:

  • Representing SNIH within the GHMe program
  • Facilitating communication between the Network and GHMe
  • Take up a role within the GHMe program
Advisory board coordinator

Summary: Composes the advisory board ( more experienced public health professionals) and acts as a liaison between the acting board and the advisory one.
Skills: professional, communication

Responsible for the following:

  • Composing and recruiting the advisory board
  • Strengthening advisory board involvement
  • Sending out updates to advisory board members and collecting feedback
  • Organizing a personal meeting with each advisory board member ans at least one SNIH board member
  • Check emails at least once a week
Non-board position: webmaster

The position of webmaster is external to the board, meaning the websmaster is not required to attend all weekly meetings and does not have voting rights. The webmaster is responsible for maintaining, updating and managing all resources pertaining to the website. This position may be held alongside a board position.

Skills: IT (especially with web plaftorms such as WordPress), flexible (reactive!), creative