Our story

The Swedish Network for International Health (SNIH) was founded in 2013 by three students. Suvi Karuranga was studying Public Health at Lund University, Simone Mohrs was taking a Master in International Health at Uppsala University, and Daniel Yen was at the time undertaking a Master degree in Health Informatics at Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm.

The strong network between biomedical and medical students in Sweden and the lack of connections between public health students motivated Suvi to open discussions with other student representatives.  "As student president of the Master of Public Health in Lund University, I became aware of the need for career development and and was instantly curious to find collaboration channels among students with other universities in the same field to build on our expertise to facilitate our knowledge acquisition and expansion of opportunities", said Suvi. The idea began to take shape during a meeting in Stockholm, where they decided to create open and regular contact involving representatives from all MPH programs in Sweden.

The Swedish Network for Master's in International and Public Health (SNMIPH), the organisation's original name, was changed to SNIH in 2014. In the same year, the organisation opened its Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and started preparing for the very first SNIH annual conference.

Board of 2017

Veronica A. Costea

Country: Romania
University: Uppsala University
Master Program: International Health
Background: BSc in Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy
Vision: To contribute to cross-sector               collaboration between public/global health and other areas.
Goal for SNIH: To further shape SNIH into a professional development and networking resource for the students of the member universities by extending and strengthening the organisation’s ties to other public and global health actors.

Talia Salzmann

Country: Switzerland/UK
University: Uppsala University
Master Program: International Health
Background: BSc Life Sciences and Technology, worked with Public Health startups and international NGOs for 2 years
Vision: Optimal use of existing knowledge, technology and resources to prevent suffering from ill health.
Goal for SNIH: To develop and strengthen SNIH as a network providing support and inspiration for public health professionals trained in Sweden at the start of, and throughout their career.

Filipa Afonso

Country: Portugal
University: Lund University
Master Program: Public Health
Background: Nursing
Vision: To improve health promotion and disease prevention, at global level, through research and epidemiological studies.
Goal for SNIH: To collaborate with a network that creates a bridge between students and the work market, allowing for career prospects and support.

Sara Karvonen
Social Media Coordinator & GHMe Liaison Officer

Country: Sweden
University: University of Gothenburg
Master Program: Global Health
Background: Sports Science
Vision: Committed to reducing health inequities, with an ambition to lower the thresholds for people to make healthier choices.
Goal for SNIH: Spread the word about SNIH and enable communication and interaction between students as well as professionals in the field.

My Fridell
PR Coordinator

Country: Sweden
University: Karolinska Institutet, Master Program in Public Health with specialization in Economics, Policy and Management
Background: BSc in Public Health with minors in Psychology and Management.
Vision: Increase the quality of life across the globe through improved and more efficient healthcare systems.
Goal for SNIH: To further develop and strengthen the network of SNIH in Sweden through students and organizations as well as being an inspiration for aspiring public health professional within the member universities.

Carlos Guerrero

Country: México
University: University of Gothenburg
Master Program: Public Health with Health Economics
Background: Medical Doctor, Occupational Health and Safety Physician
Vision: Act as a key member in the role of policy making and administration in Public and Global Health.
Goal for SNIH: Promote and motivate the inclusion of new Public and Global Health professionals all over Sweden.

Yves Noel Wu
Newsletter Coordinator

Country: Germany
University: Lund University
Master Program: Public Health
Background: Health Communication
Vision: To shape the future of health using e- and mHealth technologies and working with a great variety of other scientists.
Goal for SNIH: Provide an opportunity for international students to connect with each other, as well as with other Public Health professionals. Assist students to find their own distinct field of interest.

Salvador Alvarado
General Board Member

Country: Mexico
University: Karolinska Institutet
Master Program: Public Health with specialization in Health Economics, Policy and Management
Background: Medical doctor
Vision: Become a first level health professional by acquiring international experience and combining it with my background knowledge, with the ultimate goal of using these to help tackling health related challenges.
Goal for SNIH: Contribute with my ideas an experience to help organize appealing events for people pursuing the same goals of the organization.

Moyukh Chowdhury
Advisory Board Coordinator

Country: Bangladesh
University: Umeå University
Master Program: Masters in Public Health
Background: Medical Doctor
Vision: To contribute to a healthy world of happy smiles with the integration of health technologies and social equity.
Goal for SNIH: To connect all the budding public health professionals in Sweden with the guidance of experts and faculties for career development and international ventures.

Nora Nindi Arista Umeå University
Nora Nindi Arista
Alumni Coordinator

Country: Indonesia
University: Umeå University
Master Program: Master of Public Health with specialization Epidemiology and Global Health
Background: BSc in Public Health with specialization Administration and Health Policy
Vision: Strengthening collaboration among stakeholders to achieve health for all and contribute to it
Goal for SNIH: establish it as a platform for public health students to discuss health related issues and strengthen collaboration among public health students and practitioners both in academic and professional sectors