1) To Uppsala

Uppsala Central Station is easily reached by train from the rest of Sweden with the national railway company SJ. Check out prices here. if you buy the tickets in advance for a specific ride, you can find much cheaper tickets - and remember to enter that you are a student!

You can also check out the long-distance bus company - it will take a bit longer but it's cheaper:

If you are coming in from Lund/Malmö (Copenhagen airport) or Umeå, you might want to consider flying. The flight is around 1 hour and can be cheaper than rail travel. Check out Google Flights. Fly to Arlanda airport and then either take a train to Uppsala ( 16 minutes, around 250 kr including the airport station tax) or take bus 801 ( 1 hour, around 65 kr). A taxi ride to Uppsala costs around 700 kr so if there are 3/4 of you it will be cheaper than the train!

2) In Uppsala

From Uppsala Central Station to the CityStay hotel

  • On foot (approx 10 minutes).
  • By bus: take bus 11 (direction: Gottsunda) from bus stop E1 and get off at " Trädgårdsgatan" (approx 5 minutes).

From the station to the BMC ( 10 to 15 minutes)

Take bus 3, 4, 8, 11, 30 or 101 - check ( also available as an app) and enter your destination as Biomedicinskt centrum to get the quickest itinerary.

From the CityStay hotel to the BMC (conference venue)

  • Bus: Take bus 11 ( direction: Gottsunda) for three stops. Get off at " Uppsala Science Park" and then walk
  • On foot ( around 30 minutes)

Bus tickets

If you don't have a ticket, you can buy a ticket by credit card (!no cash!) with the bus driver however it is more expensive (36kr). We recommend you get a yellow UL card at Pressbyrån/UL counter/at the station, which you can charge either there or at the machines. Then just tap the card on the machine when you get on the bus and you will pay only 22 kr for the bus ride.

Alternatively, if you have a Swedish phone number you can download the UL app from Google Play/Apple Store and buy credit (min 100 sek) which you can use for 4 journeys within zone 1 (includes BMC). For more info about the app, click here.