Discrimination Beyond the Bathroom: Health Disparities among Transgender People in the U.S.

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By Jamie Linnea Luckhaus, Lund University   As Danica Roem makes history as the first openly transgender US state legislator, replacing Virginia’s “chief homophobe,” as Del. Robert G. Marshall referred to himself, we find ourselves at a point of reflection.(1) Although this historical election may have many feeling hopeful, what is the current trans situation? Especially within […]

Genetically modified crops: a hazard or a possible solution to combat micronutrient deficiency?

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    Today’s problem of undernutrition around the world manifests itself not only as an inadequate intake of calories, but also as a lack of essential micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, often referred to as the “hidden hunger”. Much effort has been made in research and relief on undernutrition to supplement crucial micronutrients such […]

The philosophy and the values of the Mediterranean diet for prevention and longevity

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  The Mediterranean diet (MD) is widely- known to the majority of the population as a well- balanced diet for losing weight and keep one’s body in form and shape. However, MD offers a variety of benefits with more profound values to someone’s health status. MD can be adequate as an advantageous method of prevention […]